Doc Mark Elliott

What Are Others Saying?


"Confessions of an Insignificant Pastor: What Pastors Wish They Could Tell You" is creating quite the stir and an early avid following. This breakthrough book is being touted as a MUST READ by all those in the church, both those considering the ministry, or those preparing for the ministry. It also has great value for the average Christian lay person who wants to better understand how they can be an encourager, prayer partner, and friend to their pastor. Risky business is writing a book like this one! If you think a prophet speaking truth to power is high-risk, listen here to a prophet who, by telling the truth to a church in power-failure, speaks power to truth. I loved this book!    

- Dr. Len Sweet, Drew University, George Fox University, http://www.Sermons.com

Mark Elliott has written in “Confessions” of those things every ministry leader wishes they had the courage to say, the wisdom to recognize and the discernment to deal with at the many critical junctures on the journey of ministry. Forged in the fire of 27 years of pastoral ministry and refined in the crucible of a lifetime of yieldedness come the pure gold of Mark Elliott in the lessons God wants to teach every leader. Pick up this book today, you'll be glad you did!

 - Dr. Tom Clegg, President, CoachNet  

If you don’t think you have what it takes to make a difference in the Kingdom read "Confessions of an Insignificant Pastor!" It will change your mind!

- Bill Easum, Prolific Author and Senior Consultant at http://www.easumbandy.com 

Mark Elliott is the prototypical ordinary individual searching for significance in a world that prizes superior intellect, athletic prowess, extreme wealth, and even notoriety over the day-to-day contributions of John and Jane Doe. In "Confessions of an Insignificant Pastor," Mark candidly shares his own humble beginnings and explores the lives of fellow "nobodies" from the Bible - average men and women who rose from obscurity to impact their world through the magnificent grace of God. This book celebrates the extraordinary value of a simple life submitted wholly to the Father.

- Tommy Barnett, Pastor, Phoenix First Assembly/Phoenix Dream Center; Co-Pastor, LA Dream Center/NY Dream Center   

I have known Mark Elliott for over twenty years. In this “I can hardly put it down” book he is utterly transparent about whom he is and willingly shares his weaknesses and failures. His effective ministry is evidence of God’s call and anointing upon him. The stories of his life and ministry will draw you in! You will often say, “That’s me!”

- Gary R. Allen, D.Min. Executive Editor, Enrichment Journal for Pastors and Director of Ministerial Enrichment

Mark Elliott has given us a helpful book that beckons us to see life and ministry as it really is-- a blessing and a challenge. It's rich with personal and biblical examples, and practical application. This inspiring book will bring new insight and a renewed direction as you see your own life reflected in its pages.

- Dr. Ed Stetzer, author, “Comeback Churches” and “Breaking the Missional Code,” www.edstetzer.com  

Mark Elliott reminds all of us that prominence and significance are not the same.  If you are weary from living in a culture addicted to prominence, this book will be a breath of fresh air!  Mark, with humor and honesty, shows us the way off of the performance track and into the arms of God’s grace, where we find true significance! This is a MUST read!

- Rob Wegner, Pastor of Life Mission, Granger Community Church, http://www.robwegner.org

Strong emotions were stirred in me as I read this GREAT book. Many entering the ministry are unaware of the job hazards. Many pastors suffer silently. Most drop out of the ministry within five years!  Mark has eloquently and transparently addressed critical issues that every pastor goes through. His transparency, honesty, and love for what he does come through loud and clear. Any pastor can identify with the topics Mark covers and also receive practical answers to some very complicated challenges.  Including being happy in your own skin! This book should be REQUIRED READING for every ministry major! 

- Dr. Wayde Goodall, D.Min. Author, Congregational and Life Coach

Mark Elliott is on to something here. No one is speaking to our churches on behalf of pastors…UNTIL NOW! This book is filled with the courageous words that many thousands of pastors need to convey to their congregations but lack the space or gifting to capture. Mark does it for you in this breakthrough book! Pastors you need to get this book into the hands of ALL your congregants!

- Steve Sjogren, Author and Founding Pastor, Vineyard Church, Cincinnati 

Mark Elliott effectively communicates how our total surrender, vulnerability and humility can be used by God to create the pathway to TRUE significance. Have you ever considered that a nobody from nowhere becomes a somebody from somewhere when they are in the center of God’s will? Mark effectively helps us acknowledge our weaknesses, ego, and shortcomings that often lead to pain and disappointment in life, family and ministry. 

- Dr. George Bullard, Ministry Partner at http://www.TheColumbiaPartnership.org and author of Every Congregation Needs Little Conflict.